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People enter into a romantic relationship for different reasons and purposes, not everyone that claims to love you really do.

The legendary question in both young male and female in a love relationship is whether their partner really love them or not.

According to sexpally magazine, there are some attributes that serve as common denominator in every true lover, and here are the test questions to know if he/she loves you or not.

Reliability as a proof of love

If the two of you have an appointment, she is always on time or calls immediately if she is late. 

They also never have called off a meeting and often suggests themselves before things they like with you undertake would. 

One thing is clear here: she is looking forward to seeing you and will by no means get bored with you. So in terms of love you have good cards!

Does she love me Our self-test creates clarity!

If you are still unsure about the answer to the question “Does she love me?”, Our test will help you shed light on the darkness.

  • Does she remember details that you told her on the side and does she pick them up again?
  • Is she planning trips or vacations with you that are far in the future?
  • Is she reliable with you and does she make appointments on time?
  • Does she get in touch with you often just to be in touch with you?
  • Have you already got to know your friends and family personally?
  • Does she show up in front of you without make-up, in old sweatpants and a baggy shirt?
  • Is she doing things for your sake that she would not have done on her own? (e.g. a fishing trip or an evening at the football stadium)
  • Is she taking extra time that she just wants to spend with you?
  • Walk hand in hand by the public and kiss?
  • Does she want to find out everything about you in conversations and tell you intimate things about herself?
  • Does she bring you little gifts or presents from time to time?
  • She does it with a loose gesture from, even if they had to clear away your dishes for you again?
  • Does she talk to you about her ideas about family planning?
  • Does she trust you with secrets?
  • Does she often touch you by chance and does she have open body language?
  • Case A – Most of the time you answered “yes”? Wonderful!

If so, then you should be quick to get the question, “Does she love me?” Out of your head. 

Because if you answered “yes” to most of the questions, there is no doubt, sexpally editor said.

 If she does so much for you and behaves like that towards you, all signs point to one thing: 

She is in love with you! Now is the time to put your last doubts aside and fully enjoy your partnership.

Case B – You still doubt the thought of “does she love me?”

Even if you answered most of the questions with “no”, you shouldn’t give up now and throw in the towel straight away. Because of course, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you either. 

But perhaps this gives you an approach to reflect on deficits and to seek a conversation with your partner. And who knows, maybe this is an occasion to rethink your relationship together and to revive love!


The question “does she love me?” Concerns many men every day. If you often ask yourself this question, there are various signals that you should pay attention to and interpret. 

If she always loves you with your friends, surprises you with little touches, and leaves plenty of time to spend time with you, then you shouldn’t worry. 

If these and similar things are not the cases, it is time to talk to your partner. But this can also be a new opportunity for your relationship, so take courage!

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